Musical Directors

Director- Barbara Sampson and Assistant Director Barbara Mauldin

    Hi, I'm Barb Sampson, Director of Panama City A Cappella Chorus!  Music has always played a big part in my life, from the time I was a child and my parents would stand me on the table and have me sing for their friends.  However, once I was out of school, music was the one thing missing in my life. Over the years I tried to find something to fill that void.  I had heard about women's singing organizations for many years,but was never able to find much information about them (that was long before the internet!). 

However, a few years after moving to Panama City, Florida, the local paper ran a feature about Harmony Shores Chorus, the local chapter of Sweet Adelines International. I decided I'd go to a rehearsal and check it out. Well, that was all it took - I was hooked!  I joined the organization in August of 2003, and music was back in my life!!  Within six months I was assigned as Lead Co-Section Leader, and was elected to the management team a few months after that.  I served as the Assistant Director for nearly five years before taking over as the Director in May of 2010, a title I am very proud and humbled to bear. 

Due to various reasons, our chorus has evolved, and collectively we decided to go in a new direction.  We still wanted to be a barbershop chorus, however we felt we were more in tune (pardon the pun) with a different organization - Harmony, Inc. - which is also an international barbershop organization.  So, in March 2019 we changed our affiliation to become a chapter of Harmony, Inc.  What an exciting adventure this has been so far!!  And the best is yet to come! 

In addition to being the Director of Panama City A Cappella Chorus, I recently retired after 35+ years of federal service which gives me more time to devote to music.  I also lead the singing at my church, and as a hobby, I use a torch and glass rods to make handmade glass beads which are incorporated into one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  I'm the mother of three awesome grown children, and a son-in-law, and I also have two fantastic grandsons.  I recently married a wonderful man, Doug, who is my best friend, confidente, and a huge supporter of PCA!  And he has brought a beautiful daughter and loving son-in-law into my family.  My life is very busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Assistant Director

Barbara Mauldin

  My love of singing harmony began many years ago when a friend invited me to a show where a women's barbershop quartet was singing.  I was hooked from the first note with the beautiful harmonies, glitzy costumes and all the fun the quartet seemed to be having. Through the years I've served in many areas of the SAI world on both the chapter and regional levels, including directing Coastal Magic as a certified director and serving on the Region 23 Management Team.  Today finds me at Panama City A Cappella chorus singing bass, serving as President of the Board of Directors, and as Assistant Director,  

  Learning the barbershop craft is a passion, however beyond the love of the music, there was and is, another side to barbershop life.  It is the joy and love found in the many friends I've come to know over the years and that is absolutely priceless!  Some of those friendships, plus the healing power of the music and my faith carried me through very difficult times.  Who could ask for more?  The gift of beautiful harmony, beautiful friends, a passion being fulfilled....My cup runneth over ...and over...and over! 

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